Thu, 05 Oct, 2023
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Vivek Mishra supports bi-sexuality

News Helpline | April, 16 2012

The word “bisexuality” has been in rounds for quite some time in India. Although, accepted in many countries the term still faces a taboo when it swirls towards India. With much media exposure and much agitation towards establishing the phenomena, many Bollywood stars have also joined hands in supporting the awareness. This time it was Vivek Mishra who chose to ride on the bandwagon. The actor and yoga trainer who earlier grabbed the headlines for accusing Raja Choudhary on charges of molestation stressed that it’s a personal choice to decide what one wants in life. Vivek says, “Every person is bisexual to an extent; they get equal opportunity to decide what they want. Some explore it and other doesn’t. There is nothing right or wrong about it. I don’t know why people tend to create issue out of it as it exists in the society for centuries.” Vivek wraps it up saying, “Every human being has a right to choose and live life accordingly. If we talk about urbanization then we should not think about all such issues and create fuzz out of it”.

Vivek is a trained Yoga practitioner and enjoys imparting his knowledge with bollywood celebs like Karrena Kapoor, Suzzane Roshan, Sunaina Rohan and many others.  He loves walking the ramp and has been a part of many successful fashion shows across the country.


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