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Vidya Balan Clarifies the humor of her, supporting Preity Zinta in her Legal Case!

News Helpline | June, 28 2014

B-town ongoing controversial case of Preity Zinta filled case against Ness Wadia on Assault and alleged molesting her, has been talking a new vibes on comment made by Vidya Balan on response of the case.    

There were many celebrities and film industry people who came forward to lend a help and support Preity in her legal battle. Well Vidya Balan, whose name doing the rounds for the same has clarified, that she never supported Preity.

Vidya had said this when she was asked about Preity’s case, "Preity has always stood up for her rights, and that is great. Why should anyone keep quiet if they want to speak up about it or if they want to go to the police?"

Well, accordingly to what she has said above is just a mare comment and not a support.

Vidya clarifies, "I never supported Preity Zinta. I was asked about the issue and I just made a comment on it. Now comment cannot be taken as support."

Vidya also added that she wouldn't like to support Preity in her fight against Ness Wadia since she doesn't know her well. "I am nobody to support her. I don't know her well at all. Only people close to her can support her. I don't know what exactly happened. All I said was that it was a brave thing on her part to have done that. And I made this comment because I was asked about it. I don't know her personally to support her," explained Vidya.

Well, it looks like, Vidya has chosen to be honest, and she really says what she meant. 

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