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Satyajeet Dubey gorges on Lucknow food while shooting for Kerry on Kutton

Sanjukta Sen | June, 18 2016

Lucknow is a total foodie's paradise! Endless of mouthwatering dishes that one just cannot miss when in Lucknow. That is what actor Satyajeet Dubey did when ‘Kerry On Kutton’ was shot in Lucknow.
Sharing the fun memories the cast and crew had on the set, Dubey said, “You’re shooting in Lucknow and the how can you miss mouthwatering sweets like Jalebis, Gulabjamun, Tunday Kebabs and Paratha with ample of ghee on it. You can’t say no to it.   Aradhana (Jagota) and Aditya (Kumar) were the witness that I used to gorge on half-kilo Gajar ka Halua every alternative day.” The actor giggles.
Asked how he maintained after having such calorie-rich food at the set, “I used to run 2-3 kilometers every day to maintain that weight. We all used to do a lot of exercise after having foods. It was a lot of fun.”
Agreeing with Dubey, Aradhana Jagota who is playing the female lead in the film, said, “And more than shooting we guys had a ball. While staying in an unknown city, we became a family. We had a lot of fun in shooting as well as offset, like chilling, hanging out with each other, playing badminton or cricket.”
‘Kerry on Kutton’ is a gangster rom-com revolves around four teenage who live in a town named Baliya, cross paths and eventually move towards criminal activities.
Talking about her role ‘Jyoti’ a small town girl Aradhana told, “My character’s name is Jyoti Chahan. She is a 16 years old student. Abandoned by her parents, Jyoti stays with her Grandparents who look at her as a liability. However, she tries to do whatever she can on her own. She tries having fun and gets the things she wants through her own way. It has a grey shade and the character is very materialistic.”
 Satyajeet who made his Bollywood debut in ‘Always Kabhi Kabhi’, plays Kerry in the film said the role is completely contrary to his ‘soft natured’ image. “It’s not a quintessential boy-next-door type of character. When Ashok (Yadav) narrated me the story, I could visualize all the situations. A few days back when I saw the film I think we’ve achieved much more than what we thought. The character has no resemblance to me but I’ve seen these kinds of people around me while growing up in a small town (Bilaspur). Unknowingly you pick up these caricatures in your teenager time. My hobby is to keep observing people as an artist. That helped me a lot. Let me tell you my character is a small town, good-for-nothing, cheap kind of boy with whom you won’t like to interact. He has a bad mouth.  But then again the character has likability. In UP a term is use for these boys ‘Charra Launda’. My role is very important and driving force in the film.”   
To get into the skin of his character, He adds, “He is not well built but has an attitude. That I had to work on the nuances of the character, the way he speaks or walks, the costume, makeup and hair. This is so far is the best experience in my life.”  
 Directed by Ashok Yadav the film stars also stars Aditya Kumar and Deep Raj Rana in leads.

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