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Raveena Tandon condemns terrorist attacks

News Helpline | April, 04 2015

Popular actress Raveena Tandon has always cared about the society and has strongly advocated action against some of the issues concerning our country. Though she comes from a Punjabi family known for their non-vegetarian food, she has turned vegetarian and has also supported the cause of People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA). The recent terrorist attacks around the world have angered Raveena in an extreme manner. She shared a series of tweets pulling apart the activities of such evil people.

Recently a Muslim girl won the competition for a contest based on Bhagwat Gita. Raveena appreciated her achievements but at the same time she got worried about the safety of the girl as she could be targeted by radical groups. Some of those tweets read as, ‘Horror in Kenya by Islamic terrorists..Ray of sunshine for secularism in mumbai,local Muslim girl believes in humanity and wins Gita contest’

She went on to write, ‘A bit worried for the local Muslim girl who won the Gita contest .. Hope no radicals harass her and her family..young Ray of hope let shine’

There is certain concept of jihad that some of these terrorists follow and it is mistakenly considered as protecting the religion by killing the people insulting the religion. However, renowned and accomplished clerics have denied the presence of any such content in their religion. She also shared, ‘Unarmed book wielding Students killed by Al Shabab cowards,Guess they written their own holy book,For the Quran doesn't permit this killing’

She tweeted, ‘Terrorists have made their own version of the holy books that were created to civilize society not brutalize them.. That's their version’

Another of her tweet read, ‘No religion teaches the slaughter of innocents’.

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