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Navin Batra falls for Veena Malik.

News Helpline | June, 15 2012

Director Navin Batra’s eye caught a new ‘Supermodel’. He claims Veena Malik as the only Supermodel after Janice Doreen Dickinson. We believe that Supermodel tags are only for the beauties with brains and perfect figure. But, to our surprise filmmaker Navin batra proves us wrong by tagging B-town hottie Veena Malik as Supermodel.  A film maker’s imagination is beyond any limits and that’s what Navin clubs together while making “Supermodel” (film) with Veena.

“Veena is the self-proclaimed Supermodel. She takes her role too serious that make her directors apt choice. While working with veena i realised that she is the only supermodel of the Bollywood after Janice Doreen Dickinson.” Quoted Navin Batra.

We also found Veena commenting on it saying,   “Supermodel role is like a superhero and I take myself too serious and i just go along with it. It’s great to be called self-proclaimed Supermodel after Dickinson. I love that my director Navinji appreciates me.”

On the contrary the film seems to be portraying the unrevealed side of being a “Supermodel”. The story traces the idea of Madhur Bhandarkar’s earlier release “Fashion”. 


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