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Naseer demands Rs 1.5cr more, enrages director

News Helpline | February, 01 2014

The director of Coffin Maker, Veena Bakshi is spitting fire. The film has won quite a few awards at the festival circuit, including the Best Actor award for Naseeruddin Shah. Yet, on Friday, Bakshi woke up to the actor describing her as "totally incompetent" in a film glossy. He went on to add that the film was "abandoned incomplete" and he regrets doing it. 

Talking to Mirror an enraged Bakshi said, "Naseer was the one who abandoned the film. We had financial issues and shooting came to a halt. When we were ready to roll again, he was unwilling to shoot. After a few meetings he said he'd report back on the sets only if he was paid an additional Rs 1.5 crore. Imagine his audacity!" 

So, what went wrong between Naseer and her? "I wish I knew. There was no reason that I can fathom," Bakshi replied. 

She decided to try and wrap up the film without bowing to Naseer's demand. "I sat down to edit the film with what footage we had and discovered we had enough material and could complete the film without having to shoot with Naseer again. Is the film jury so crazy that they will bestow awards on a film abandoned incomplete?" she argued. 

If he didn't agree with a particular scene, he would get extremely irritated. He is a bully and I will never work with Naseeruddin Shah again!"

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