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My vision for New Dilbar was to mix Indian And Arabic music and dance. :Nora Fatehi

Sanyukta Thakare | September, 20 2018

Nora Fatehi who is debuting as a singer with the new Arabic version of Dilbar said her vision for the song was very clear. She wanted to mix Indian music and dance with Arabic music and dance.

Nora who shot to fame with the dance numbers 'Dilbar' an 'Kamariya' interacted with media for her upcoming recomposed version with Morocco-based group Fnaire.

Nora Fatehi talked about her long term goal for Bollywood music and dance which she wants to share with the world, "For bringing 'Dilbar' to the Arabic and North African world my vision was very clear. We will sing it in a mixer of Moroccan and Arabic and give it the visuals of Bollywood in India and a bit of filmy touch. We are also going to introduce a moroccan ethnic dance which hasn't been seen before. So overall my goal for the long run is to bring Indian music and dance and mix it with Arabic music and dance."

She also admitted she is very nervous about her singing though the band members are confident in her, "I am only scared and nervous about my voice because I haven't sung before. And the first time I stepped into the recording studio was when I met them."

'Dilbar' originally form Sushmita Sen's 1999 release was recomposed for "Satyameva Jayate". The new version is produced by Nora herself while it will be launched by T Series.

Talking about her collaborating with Fnaire and the idea behind it Nora said, "Fnaire is a very extremely successful brand in Morocco. They have been part of the music industry for a very long time and they are very professional and experienced. One of their huge song is city city that released in the summer and exploded int he market. Fnaire is also known for composing and writing lyrics so they actually penned down the lyrics is arabic and slightly recomposed the song. 

I had full faith and trust in them because of their experience and back drop and they sound amazing. They give me the hip hop and ethic folk feel which was very important for the vision I had."

The video is being directed by Morocco-based director Abderrafia El Abdioui, and the director of photography of the video is Santhana Krishnan Ravichandran of "Baaghi 2" fame.

The new video and the song will be released in October on T series's platform.  

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