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My Family Is My Inspiration Says Vardhan Puri

Ravi Sharma | August, 11 2020

Actor Vardhan Puri says that his family is his inspiration, because they helped him the beat the lockdown blues. The ‘Yeh Saali Aashiqui’ actor also stated that seeing his family positive and optimistic, encouraged him a lot.

Expressing his family as his inspiration, Vardhan said that, “My inspiration is my family. When I see that my father, mother and my sister are at home and are not able to go for work. But still, they are positive and optimistic, this encourages me a lot, because for me my family is more important and if my family is healthy and altogether, I feel blessed”

“I am also inspired by my grandparents; they too were quite optimistic people.  I also deem that a healthy mind keeps your body healthy and vice versa. Apart from this, I have paid lots of attention to my physicality, my nutrition, and diet. And one good thing is that I don’t have any bad habits. So I have kept myself maintained, fit, and healthy. I have also spent too much time with nature and have also learned many things. It may be trees, plants, or animals” added Vardhan.

Despite being happy and adapting to the new normal – work from home – Vardhan misses the outdoors and wish things will soon go back to normal.

He added, “Right now I am doing all my work virtually and online, through laptops and phones as there is no option left. I don’t feel like doing my work in this manner as I am not used to it.  In the end, I just want to say that though I feel sad and depressed sometimes. But I try to keep myself happy, so that my family doesn’t get apprehensive about me”

Actor Vardhan Puri is the grandson of the late legendary actor Amrish Puri.

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