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Mother's Day Special with Lillite & Ira Dubey

Siddharth Dhongle | May, 04 2017

Bollywood Actress Lillete &Ira Dubey will be sharing screen space as Mother & Daughter first time ever in a web series on Blush , it's a special series on Mother's Day !

Blush walks us through the special journey shared by a mother and daughter with Actress Lillete and Ira Dubey
Like mother, like daughter. Culture Machine’s digital channel for women, ‘Blush’ emotes the revered bond between a mother and daughter with a heartfelt video titled, 'Chhoti' starring Lillete and Ira Dubey. An emotion so strong and earnest, it stirs a warm fuzzy feeling within you. This video is a part of the Mothers & Daughters series on Blush.
'Chhoti' is an ode to a relationship that expresses endless love. This video depicts different yet similar behaviour of a mother and daughter; like the occasional impatient moodiness in mothers and sometimes the brattish playfulness in daughters. A relationship that is ever-changing, ever-evolving. This Mother’s Day, let’s keep the differences aside and celebrate the similarity daughters share with their mothers.
Blush released a statement on this video, “A daughter is more often than not a reflection of her mother, she gets moulded by the experiences shared with her mother. We took the opportunity of Mother’s Day to talk about this enriching bond which tends to become the less appreciated aspect of our life.”
Because mothers and daughters, often swap roles- effortlessly, gracefully, quietly, and equally.
'On a digital platform which has such an incredible viewership I'm very excited that for the first time , my mum and I will be playing mother daughter to kickstart what I think will be a lovely series that celebrates and deconstructs this very unique bond. Looking at everyday, very relatable situations , the episode is a glimpse into the roles that mother and daughter begin to play in each other's lives , as we get older and become more friends and confidants and yet remain girls somewhere. Shot beautifully, written and directed by the unabashed and talented Akaanksha, this is a humorous and touching, honest and tongue in cheek look at what it is to be mom and daughter in today's world. While mom and I don't play ourselves, we worked on the flavour and 'sur' of this mother daughter duo to make them feel real, and true' signs off Ira Dubey.

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