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Maria Goretti becomes Pizza making teacher

Joel Kurian | April, 23 2015

We know of strange kinds of hobbies and professions that some people involve in. But Pizza-making teacher is perhaps an interesting but weird kind of job. Actor Arshard Warsi’s wife VJ-actor Maria Goretti recently turned one and even her son Zeke accompanied her in it. She shared on microblogging website twitter, ‘Just finished my first ever Pizza making class with 60 kids.. With Zeke as my 1st assistant.. Whew.. #yearoffirsts’.
It’s not yet clear what kind of classes these are. It could be normal cooking classes with pizza making being just a part of it or probably specific pizza making classes because kids generally love these kinds of fast food and Pizza is among their favourites. But if 60 kids agreed to come for it, then Maria definitely has bright prospects as a pizza-making teacher and can perhaps turn into a full-fledged career some time later.
Maria and Arshad’s song Zeke is definitely in the spotlight nowadays. Recently Arshad had also tweeted about him sharing an interesting anecdote about Maria asking Zeke about circuit and him pointing to his dad as Circuit.

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