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Manish to design Karan's Birthday Bash

News Helpline | May, 12 2012

On 25th may there will be a blackout at Karan Johar’s place. Don’t worry there will be glittering lights all over but all the guests will be dressed in Black tie. Actually, the filmmaker had little to do with the decision. It is his friend and newly anointed party planner Manish Malhota who is behind the black-tie party to be held at a Bandra five star on occasion of K JO’s 40th birth day. The designer has been busy planning the nitty-gritties.

Karan Johar was only too happy to let his best friend design the entire evening. One of the interview he said that "Manish is doing everything - from the invitees to the decor, to every minute detail. He is one of my closest friends and a member of my family. And I couldn't have asked for a better person to do this. He has the best aesthetic sense. And I am sure he will throw me a super party,"

On Thursday, Manish was spotted checking out the ground floor of the five star property in Bandra. We learnt that the entire floor has been booked for the party. After all, the guest list runs to over 300. In fact, the invitation cards are now being printed in New Delhi. And under very heavy security, the invitees from across the globe will start arriving next week.

The designer seems to be keeping every detail under control. Right from the host to the guests and the attendants too, Manish has himself designed tuxedos for the attendants.

So, Karan do enjoy your pre birthday preparations.

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