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Lokmat Maharastrian of the Year Awards

| April, 18 2016

Devendra Fadnavis' witty comments about Aamir Khan
Right from college boy to alien to his upcoming role of wrestler in Dangal, Aamir has played all kinds of roles. However, at a recent event where Aamir was Guest Of Honour at the Lokmat Maharashtrian of The Year Awards Event, the Maharashtra CM got a one up on the Dangal star. When Lokmat's Jt MD Rishi Darda commented on Aamir never having played a villain before, Devendra Fadnavis wittily replied, "That's because Aamir always plays the hero and politicians are always the villains in every film." Aamir laughed it off saying, "We must change that soon."  

Aamir's perfect vacation 

We all know that whatever Aamir Khan does, he does with perfection. Slow, steady and studious has been Mr Perfectionist's strategy always. And this applies not only to Aamir's work but also his leisure. During a recent event where Aamir was Guest Of Honour at the Lokmat Maharashtrian of The Year Awards Event , the star was taking a few questions from Lokmat's Jt MD Rishi Darda not about his work projects but his vacations. He talked in detail of his trips to places like Argentina and Iceland, where he has the freedom to hail a taxi on his own, go cycling. go tango dancing and do other fun stuff without having to be a star. "It's interesting to learn about new cultures, languages and art forms. And the freedom to be your own self," said Aamir.    

What Ranveer Singh learnt from Marathi politicians

It's one thing to act, and quite another to blend into a character so smoothly that you start walking and talking differently. We all know how beautifully Ranveer enacted as the Peshwa king Bajirao. But what flummoxed most fans was how Ranveer managed to get his Marathi accent so spot-on. Peshwai Marathi is a refined language which emphasises on the right pronunciations and nuances. Well, the man who was honoured with the Lokmat Maharashtracha Abhimaan Award last week, was happy to take questions on his language skills. On being asked how he spoke his Marathi so fluently, the actor cheerfully replied, "Actually, by watching Marathi politicians' speeches on Youtube. I watched a lot of Marathi leaders giving speeches but in I used to hear these speeches on earphones while doing cardio and repeat after them. That's how the accent is so perfect."
Shankar Mahadevan takes a shortcut to becoming Maharastrian
After his hundreds of Marathi film and devotional songs, it is indeed difficult to tell that Shankar Mahadevan's mother tongue is not Marathi. However, this South Indian Mumbai boy loves everything Maharashtrian. In fact when he ws awarded the Lokmat Maharashtrian of The Year Award in the Performing Arts category last week, the popular singer was happy to talk about his love and affinity for everything Maharashtrian. From varan bhaath to Marathi cinema to music, Shankar has a deep affinity to his Maharashtrianness. The singer said to a friend at the award in jest, "I am already half-Maharastrian because I grew up here...but I took a shortcut too. I married a Maharastrian."

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