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Khan Brothers are in trouble again.

News Helpline | July, 02 2012

Making the headlines for today Arbaz Khan’s Land Cruiser car grabs the eyes. Last night the car nevertheless proved to be a villain. To be very precise let’s come to case. A 70-year-old pavement dweller was crushed to death under actor and producer Arbaaz Khan's Land Cruiser car in Mumbai last night. The car was being driven by his brother and actor Sohail Khan's driver, Dhananjaya Pimpale. The accident happened at around 11 pm last night near the St Andrews Church in Bandra. Pimpale, 46, was alone in the car driving towards Arbaaz Khan's home in Galaxy apartments; the police said they received a call at 11.30 pm from an eyewitness, reporting the accident. Luck favored the Khan Brothers as none of them were present in the entire scene.

Dhananjaya Pimpale was not drunk just was in a mist between turns when 70 year old Chandra Bala suddenly appeared in front of the car and Pimpale could not control. An autorickshaw driver, who saw the accident happen last night alleged that the car hit the woman and then ran her over, but the driver didn't stop. Another eyewitness said he and a constable rushed the victim to the Bhabha Hospital. "But no doctor was attending to her; half an hour was wasted there.

Having an over look at the scenario the local police decided to arrest the driver and quote his presence at the judicial court today. His urine and blood samples are sent to examine the alcohol content. A statement would also be taken from Arbaz khan as he is the owner of the car.

Looking at the entire scenario it took me back few years ago when Salman was caught in a similar case in drinking and driving. Well that’s a history but what happened lately is nevertheless a troublesome for the well-known Khan Brothers.

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