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Kay Kay Menon thinks marketing and promotion of the film comes into picture when you make a bad film

Ashwin Sheshware | January, 10 2018

Ace Actor Kay Kay Menon attended ‘Sakhi Ri’ song launch from his upcoming movie ‘Vodka Diaries along with Vishal Bhardwaj, Rekha Bhardwaj and director Kushal Srivastava on Tuesday in Mumbai. During media interaction, Menon said that marketing and promotion of film comes into picture when you make bad film.

Kay Kay Menon is brutally outspoken about interference of money in creative field like film since beginning and he always opposed marketing and promotion strategies when it comes to a film, talking about why team of ‘Vodka Diaries is making less promotion of the film, he said, “I feel when you make good film then, you don’t need to market and promote your film. I feel marketing and promotion of a film comes into picture when you make a bad film and you try to aware the audience that we are coming. I feel we are doing proper promotion of our film. We began our film’s promotion from New Year’s. “

Shoot of ‘Vodka Diaries’ has been completed in record 20 days so when asked Menon reason behind completing shoot of the film in such short period, Menon said, “There are two- three aspect related to it. I think we were extremely efficient while shooting our film and second is that we avoided unnecessary expenses which we usually make while making a film. I feel if you respect time and you are thorough professional then things get simpler while making film. It’s all about dedication, concentration and your determination.”

Kay Kay Menon has always been choosy in making film choices so when asked reason for it, Menon said, “I am hoping to come in few more projects in this year. My aim always is that my work should have more recall value or be memorable than my individual personality and that’s what I will continue doing. All I need is support from my audience.”

At the song launch event, Vishal Bhardwaj praised Kay Kay Menon calling him one of the finest and underrated of the country, overwhelmed with the praise, Menon said, “When Vishal ji praised me at song launch, I got really emotional at that time and it was difficult for me to express myself at that time. We both know each other since the time, I did ‘Paanch’ so it’s been a long association. I just felt overwhelmed for what he said for me and I extremely humbled and grateful for his gesture”

Talking about ‘Sakhi Ri song’ from Vodka Diaries, menon said, “I haven’t sung male version of the song. When you have Ustad Rashid Khan to sing a song for your film then you can’t even attempt to sing that song because he is the legend but I feel the way Sandesh (Shandilya) has composed this song is really beautiful. It’s not easy song to compose. Rekha Bhrdwaj and Ustad Rashid Khan has done commendable job with this song and this song is ideal when you are in your own space so I am in love with this song.”

The Supreme Court has modified its earlier order on the playing of National Anthem in cinema halls and has made it non-mandatory. It took cognizance of the Centre's submission that had asked the court to modify the order, reacting to Supreme Court judgment, Menon said, “See.. Wherever, National Anthem will be played I will stand out in sheer respect for it that is much I know other than that, it’s all up to policy making agencies of our country. For me, I can play that in my house and stand in respect of it and I feel patriotism is not something that we can dish out by our own choice. Patriotism is a must because you are part of this country so I feel wherever it gets played, I will stand in respect of it and that much we can do for our country. It’s all about only 52 seconds anyways, we spend 52 seconds talking about silly things in our life”

‘Vodka Diaries is set in  the misty town of Manali, ACP Ashwini Dixit (Kay Kay Menon) is in quest to solve series of mysterious murders happening over a single night, which seem to be connected to a night club, Vodka Diaries.

It stars Kay Kay Menon, Mandira Bedi, raima Sen and Sharib Hashmi in key roles.

It is being directed by debutant director Kushal Srivastva and produced by Vishal Karkera, Vishal Raj, Kushal Srivastava, Atul Pupneja and Vivek Sudhindra Kulshrestha.

‘Vodka Diaries’ is scheduled to release on 19th January, 2018.


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