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It is our apathy when it comes to our health says Shilpa Shetty

Ashwin Sheshware | March, 27 2018

Actress Shilpa Shetty is fitness enthusiast and she also tries to generate awareness about importance of fitness in regular life has said that it is our apathy when it comes to our health.

Shilpa Shetty interacted with media when she joined 1st anniversary celebration of Sony BBC Earth along with Dr. Michael Mosley on Monday in Mumbai.

Dr. Mosley is an India-born international legend with zeal to bring science to life. He conducts experiments on himself to give definitive answers to health-related questions and has busted many myths related to food, fitness and health. His shows, ‘Trust Me I’m a Doctor’, ‘Meet the Humans’, ‘The Truth about Exercise’ etc. are extremely popular internationally and air exclusively in India on Sony BBC Earth.

Adding to the celebration was the presence of fitness and healthy-living expert, Shilpa Shetty. Experts in their fields, both Shilpa and Michael together bust some long-standing myths related to health and fitness that help in leading a vigorous life.
Shilpa Shetty, Healthy living expert said, “I want to congratulate Sony BBC Earth for completing a year and being the number one channel. It is an honor to share notes and expertise with an India born, international legend. Dr. Mosley’s views, shows and experiments reaffirm my beliefs in the power of our traditional Indian ways of living. I am looking forward to seeing more of his shows and other content on Sony BBC Earth.”

“I think it is our apathy when comes to our health. We don’t take heath seriously till we are diagnosed with an ailment and I feel it is very unfortunate thing because life has given to us in free which is why I feel most people  don’t know  the value of it. I feel disease like diabetes is also reversible. If you are highly diabetic then you have to follow guidelines of doctor’s but if you just being diagnosed with diabetes and you are obese then you can reverse it”

“I believe that most people underestimate power of food and a lot of people think that hitting the gym is enough. I have always said that is about 70% diet and 30% of some kind of workout regime whether it is yoga or cardio and it is pretty much the same thing which Dr. Mosley also says”

 Talking about ideal food habits, Shilpa said, “I think he speaks beautifully and what he says makes lot of sense and it stayed with me. He also man behind intermittent diet. I never done it but I do want to do as I believe the benefits are huge where you eat for five days and in between two days you fast which is pretty much a philosophy of Ayurveda so it again comes from whole Indian ethos of eating”

 “I think most people don’t do mindful eating. We just eat whatever comes to our mind so mindful eating is one of the first to do’s on the list if you want to enjoy better health and I also feel it is also about lifestyle modification. I am not a trained nutritionist but certain thing I experimented on myself and I feel proud about myself that I feel healthier and more alive today than I was even 12 years ago. I have felt the difference that have food have made to me and timings have made to me so it is the lifestyle modification that I have made in my life which I and Dr. Mosley trying to propagate through his shows among people”

From being the No. 6 channel when it was launched a year ago, the channel has seen a steady increase in viewership that is clearly reflected in its performance. Sony BBC Earth stands at no. 1 position with 22% market share backed by a strong distribution network, strategic content line-up and robust marketing innovations.

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