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Hrithik Roshan loves the trailer of Barefoot To Goa

News Helpline | April, 04 2015

Small and independent films without any big stars require a lot of word-of-mouth and other kinds of non-paid publicity to make people aware of their film. Barefoot To Goa, an upcoming small film has managed something significant along similar lines. Bollywood superstar Hrithik Roshan praised the film’s trailer on microblogging website twitter, ‘Amazing trailer of #BarefootToGoa. I loved it. Check it out guys We need to take care of our elders.’

Barefoot To Goa is an upcoming emotional drama film directed by Pravin Morchhale. The film is about two children who set out on a journey to visit their ailing grandmother and bring her back to stay with them. The subject deals with how there is an erosion of values and how selfishness has crept into our societies and into ourselves.

Just like Hrithik liked the trailer, similarly veteran singer Yesudas too saw something in the film which made him come on board to record a song after several years. It is a sort of a comeback for Yesudas. Actress Esha Deol had also supported the film by launching the trailer of the film.

With so much of support coming in for the film, such low-budget and meaningful cinema will definitely manage to earn some money and perhaps help them to take the film to the festivals. Aamir Khan had recently supported Margarita With a Straw by launching the trailer and praising the film. Such superstars need to bring viewers’ attention to such kind of cinema.

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