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Hrithik expresses his unique thoughts about success and fame

News Helpline | April, 06 2015

Hrithik Roshan, is without any doubt, adored by his fans for many reasons, which also includes his unique philosophical thinking! It has been noted many times from his Facebook and Twitter account, the way he thinks and the things he believes in, are very different from all the other Bollywood stars.

Hrithik has been an essential part of the Bollywood industry since many years. His career graph has seen many ups and downs when it came to his success and fame. Hrithik reportedly expressed his views regarding success as, "If you're able to connect with people, if you're certain enough to say 'I can do this', if you manage to have enough variety in your life, if you're not stuck in a monotonous every day journey, that to me is success."

He then added, "It's not about the money or the fame, not about working hard, that's all great but it should come as a consequence of being the best version of yourself. Success to me doesn't mean fame, doesn't mean money. Success to me is becoming the best version of yourself."

Hrithik will be performing at the opening ceremony of IPL and is currently working on his film ‘Mohenjodaro’, which is scheduled to release in August 2016. It is much awaited by his fans.

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