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News Helpline | December, 07 2012

Such was Paresh Rawal’s addiction to his computer game that director Aditya Dutt had to put it away to meet their shoot deadline

Paresh Rawal is not exactly known to be very technology-savvy. In fact till recently, the senior actor wouldn’t even carry a cell phone.

However on the sets of his next film in Fiji, he surprised the rest of the cast and crew when he just couldn’t tear himself away from his tablet computer game.

A unit member says, “ After every shot Pareshji would run towards his van in a hurry and pick up his tablet and start doing something. He was so involved with it that we started wondering what actually he was up to.” Apparently, Paresh just couldn’t stop playing Angry Birds on his computer. And it was causing unnecessary delay in completing the shoot schedule. As a remedy, director Aditya Dutt decided to hide the tablet so that Paresh wouldn’t get distracted anymore.

“ One fine day, Pareshji just wouldn’t stop playing. The team got exasperated and Aditya decided to hide it. Next Day, Pareshji was very upset We all pretended we didn’t know anything and the shoot was completed on time.” Aditya states, “He got the latest tablet during the shoot. He was hooked on to it. I actually had to hide it from him during a scene. After all, I wanted him to be in an intense mood for the sequence.” Later, the unit returned Paresh his tablet computer.

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