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Here is what the toughest decision Sanjay Dutt took while in jail!

Harsha Masand | March, 02 2016

Sanjay Dutt who recently released from Yerwarda met his children in the afternoon after the kids came running to hug their father on the 25thFebruary below his residence in Bandra.

One of the most difficult decisions for the actor to abide by during trial was not seeing a glimpse of his two little children Shahraan & Iqra Dutt.

Sanjay felt that he should not be letting his children see him don a jail outfit in so many years that the actor has spent in the prison and so he decided not to meet his kids till he was released. 

Infact at times, the actor did feel like meeting and seeing his children at several occasions but very strongly refrained from changing his mind as Sanjay was very determined of his kids not witnessing their father in the state he was in. 

His wife, Manyata was standing tall and strong in keeping Sanjay assured about his decision which further helped the actor to remain away from his kids for such a long period of time.

However the day the actor was released and was spotted addressing the media below his building, Dutt’s kids who had just come from their school came running to their father and hugged him and would just not let go.  Dutt’s wait and longing for his kids was finally over.

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