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enjoy the power packed comeback of sridevi, rani and preity!

News Helpline | September, 12 2012

Marriage or Age is no more a barrier in Bollywood movies. Bollywood has adopter the trend of Hollywood. Thirties and even forties age bracket actresses lead in carrying the films on their shoulders with their co-stars brand value at the box office not holding an element of importance, Angeline Jolie, Salma Hayek, or even Sharon Stone are to name a few in Hollywood.

In Indian cinemas it a trend actress who cross their 30’s /40’s are sideline or either play mothers role. But seems the old trend is breaking. 90’s girl next door Sridevi, Preity and Rani are making a power packed come back. It was a surprise when Karishma Kapoor made a comeback in Dangerous Ishq and Farah Khan turned lead in Shirin Farhad Ki Toh Nikal Padi at her 40’s. The lead is being taken by the breed of female actors who created new paradigms of acting on the silver screen on acting and the shining luminaries. Sridevi’s English Vinglish is making headlines on page 3, meanwhile Preity and her Ishq In Paris is also in the same run. The latest to join them is Rani with her Aiyya.

In just 5 days Rani’s Aiyya official trailer received more than 27,000 views on you tube. English Vinglish received more than 2 lakh views and Preity’s Ishq in Paris get over 4 lakh viewers.

This shows Indian artist will never give up easily. There is no time and age constrains to do a movie. And it’s always better to go with the flow. Priety will teach you romance on the other hand Sri will teach you English and meanwhile Rani will tickle your comic bones. So hit the theatres to support the keep up sprit of your favourite stars.  


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