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Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia applauds Children's jungle adventure film "Shortcut Safaari"

Siddharth Dhongle | April, 28 2016

26 April , Delhi : Delhi's Deputy Chief Minister Manish Sisodia applauds Children's jungle adventure film "Shortcut Safaari".  A special screening of upcoming jungle adventure film Shortcut Safaari starring 7 Children was held in Delhi for 300 plus school principals. Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi Manish Sisodia was the guest of honour at the screening who was visibly very impressed with the film. Prior to being elected to the Legislative Assembly of Delhi, Sisodia was a social activist and a journalist. This movie took him down the memory lane as he shared, “I have traveled to jungles a lot and in my journalism days I have gone through many safaris and through deep forest areas. Thanks for reminding me of those days.” He further continued, “As an education minister, this film is very important for me because  we have been trying to teach the kids about the environment, the  eco-system and the importance of balancing the nature. And in a very easy to understand way, this film has made them live this. That’s very important for them. I think it has made our jobs easy. The film gives you a first hand experience of being in a safari. It’s a great film,” said Sisodia, who also holds the Finance and Planning, Revenue, Services, Power, Education, Higher Education, Information Technology, Technical Education, Administrative Reforms portfolios in the government of Delhi. 

Jimmy Sheirgill starrer Shortcut Safari is all set to release on 29th April. This adventure film traces the lives of a few school going kids who get stuck in a dense forest during their outing. Directed by Amitabha Singh, Shortcut Safaari has been screened at various film festivals and applauded a lot for the children's performances. Amitabha Singh has been the DOP on the Oscar nominated The Good Road. Shortcut Safaari features Aashi Rawal, Sharvil Patel, Mann Patel, Ugam Khetani, Stuti Dwivedi, Deah Tandon and Hardil Kanabar. Jointly produced by Xebec Films Pvt. Ltd, Kashyap A Shah & Amigos Fin-o-tainment, Shortcut Safaari aims to deliver a very effective message to conserve Mother Nature.

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