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Creativity is unstoppable and uncontrollable says Shah Rukh Khan

Ashwin Sheshware | February, 21 2018

Actor Shah Rukh Khan says Creativity is unstoppable and uncontrollable.

He attended panel discussion on Magnetic Maharashtra Convergence 2018 long with Arnab Goswami and Ritesh Sidhwani on Tuesday in Mumbai.

When asked how difficult it is to make movies in India as compared to production of films elsewhere in the world, Shah Rukh said, “Apart from central permission agency, location which can be handled to increase, having single window clearance for making multiplexes plus a better distribution centre but I think we still have done wonderfully well for our self. In ‘bollywood’ everybody is earning money. We are somehow kind of cultural package when you go abroad. Hindi films are now releasing in almost 45 countries in the world but I will not be satisfied when my movie will earn more than a Hollywood movie in Dubai in terms of collection because I think all these are small victories. I think we need a larger vision. We are doing this business in more difficult facilities than China so we have outlasted people who have easier so instead of cribbing about what we don’t have, we have to dream bigger. We still haven’t been able to make a single superhero in our country. We are land of mythological heroes and villains but we haven’t been able to create super-heroes to rule the world. We are getting still getting so impressed by ‘Avatar’ and I think we can make it and media can show that on news, we have producers to fund it and I can act in it. We can create our own mythological film and rule the world and I feel you don’t need a language, you just have to emotionally connect and emotions we have on dearth of. I think there will be issues with dressing up of Indian content to make it relevant to the world. I think our films also have to be smaller and without intervals. We have to recognize that as we never seem to recognize that. We make 3 hour long film but I think we have intervals. It’s silly to have intervals and break the story so we have to change that mindset and then go international. We have most encouraging market in the world sitting right under our noses. We can grow with it and then we can genuinely go international so I think future is fantastic if you stay positive about it”

Creative content often get criticism so when asked Shah Rukh’s stand on it, he said, “When it comes to creativity, there are people all around the world who dissent to certain parts. You will find people fighting some reason to dislike some creative thing whether it’s a film or news piece or television series. This is something that is going to keep happening. When you face opposition to creativity then I agree that creative people do get emotional about it. Just recently Viacom has said that why don’t the other stars come up to support their film ‘Padmaavat’ as they are hiding but I think we are not hiding as a matter of fact I suggested them don’t give mileage to such people who are opposing because they are getting more recognized because of it by virtue of being on all the news channels. Some time when people are on in an uprise, all you need to do is just stand back. Nobody is scared or fearful or hiding their own skin. Often we are criticized about because we want to make money but we love our society because we make entertainment for you and we wanted you to be happy and apart from that happiness is, I want you as 52 year old father to come in theatre safe and sound with your child and happily go even you don’t like my film that’s my responsibility. I think creative people will do their things despite of any amount of opposition. Creativity is unstoppable and uncontrollable.  Nobody goes out to insult people or to trouble regions or disturb a community. I have been working in this industry for last 25 years but I don’t think anybody has that kind of intension. In coming period nobody can stop any idea from flowing freely. It will be uncontrollable. Ideas, stories and thoughts will be ruled socially and geographically. People will see what they want to and people will show what they want to because entertainment belongs to people especially with social media and digital there is no stopping them. This is the beauty of current world for entertainment and media so we better get used to it and lets harness all of that and create a media, content and digital and that’s what Maharashtra should do and these small things like people opposing a film will keep happening so we have to have thick skin for that”

Shah Rukh next will be seen in Anand L. Rai’s ‘Zero’ along with Anushka Sharma and Katrina Kaif.

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