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Cocktails Masti With Singer Neeraj Shridhar

News Helpline | July, 09 2012

Neeraj Shridhar widely known as Bombay Vikings is a popular Bollywood playback singer. Bombay Vikings became popular withremixes like Kya soorat hai, woh chali and Chhod do aanchal. Neeraj started working as a Bollywood playback singer in 2006 with the song 'Tumko Dekha' for the film (God Tussi Great Ho). He gave hits like Lova aaj kal , house full 2 and many many more films. With Cocktail he is back in news. Though he has just sung 4 lines in the song "Tum Hi Ho Bandhu, Sakha Tum hi" he leaves his mark in this female voice dominated song. While talking for our Bzzing week section Neeraj spoke all the truth behind the song "Tum hi ho bandhu....."

Q . Sir 1st of all i want to thank you for singing such a wonderful which is being loved by all. Sir how did to became a part of this song?

Ans . Ohh!! Thank you for saying that I am a part of this song , I just have four lines but yes just few lines also means a lot for me and yes I am really happy after seeing the results of the song and realized that four lines can also matter a lot. In the starting it was supposed to be a male song but I m really happy that this song became a duet song. yes it is a female oriented song and I am really happy for my lines “ tum hi ho bandhu sakha tum hi ho “ and these lines are those lines on which I live my entire life and I really believe in this theory that in life friendship is a very important element and if there is no friendship there is no life . Because when your with your friends life become simple , full of fun and joy. So these lines plays  very important part in my life as well as in the song.



Q . Sir how pritam dada approached to you for this song ?

Ans . When pritam approaches me than i can’t question him even if it’s 2 in the night , I and pritam share such a strong bond of friendship that how long the lines are hardly matters. I can die for pritam and ready to do anything  But I feel little weird when people come to me for a interview I just had sung four lines but I am really proud of these lines and feels that I have done a good job.  And this thing is very important that a music director has such a great faith on you that there are just four lines but I have to make these lines sing by Neeraj only so for me this is also a very big thing. And I really want to thank pritam and all the people in the film who believed that I was the person who can sing d those four lines sound like fifty. So I am very happy and hats off to pritam for given me these wonderful lines.



Q .  Sir when you had heard the lines of the song  “tum hi ho bandhu sakha tum hi ho” so you might have remembered your childhood morning prayers , so how did you felt about it ?

Ans . Yes when I had heard these line many old memories came in my mind. I got to know that it is very famous shalokh and I would love to know about my country, actually in very young age I went abroad but yes I would love to know the history of our country, my own roots and I know many people do criticize about the songs,  like I had an experience of the song ‘hare ram hare Krishna’ but I believe when u take god’s name anywhere it freshens the atmosphere and gives a good feeling.  It just depends on the way one wants to think , you can think the either way also it’s a person’s own point of view.  But I feel all thing should be taken positively and this will be the best thing. 



Q . Sir when we had interviewed kavita seth ji she said she had sung this scratch in November and than recorded in April. Sir what about you 1st you had sung the scratch and or directly recorded it ?

Ans . I was connected in this song from long time back much before the scratch and my work in not only singing the song. when pritam calls me for a song than he gives me many task for the song apart from singing it. And pritam and my friendship is also like the four lines so when he wants something I try my best to do it. Yes in starting I had sung many scratches but than irshad came with wonderful lyrics and it gave a different effect in the song and kavita ji had also done a terrific job. I m really happy for her and I just want to convey her that she sang beautifully. And I m really thankful to kavita ji because all credits goes to her and pritam.



Q . Sir do u know when u were working on this song this would be such a big hit  ?

Ans . Yes I know and I not only sing songs but I make songs so I could feel the essence and trust me from day 1 I knew that this song would be a huge big song.



Q . Sir according to you how far your two lines suited saif ali ?

Ans . Saif ali and I share a very old bond and I believe that he’s a actor on which my voice really suits alot , especially after race and than love aaj kal all the songs suited saif alot.        


Q . Sir pritam dada is famous for doing experiments and in this album there are many Pakistani singers also , so do you feel this is a good way of working ?

Ans . Yes I had gone through few songs than they were amazing it’s a good idea of including many singers. Pritam likes to bring new flavors in the music and he had done superb .He actually made a good cocktail out of it.


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