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Cinemax to release In The Name Of Tai

News Helpline | August, 27 2012

This october 12 there is something special for movie lovers. Real life personalities and hard-hitting incidents always inspire our filmmakers. “In The Name of Tai ...Tai Ke Naam”, is one such film based on a slain activist's life. Producer/Director Ujjwal Thengdi who is well known for his award winning film – Vazir is back with a powerful subject. With a strong cast and crew that includes Dr. Nishigandha Wad, Dr. Vilas Ujawane,Mahesh Thakur, Asrani and the director himself – Ujjwal Thengdi, the story revolves around “TAI”, Ujjwal Thengdi has kept the essence of the village, simultaneously focusing on the outstanding commercial values. This is politically motivated and emotionally charged burning topic essentially based on present day scenario of corrupt system and high handed politician’s dealings with villagers’ lands.  

The screenplay, dialogues are bold, effective and befitting the story. So are the scenes, which are intense, yet subtle. Marathi films are always a treat to watch but hardly a few make it to big screens. That’s the reason why Cinemax take it to its responsibility to promote the film. In a bid to promote independent cinema, Cinemax has joined hands with the makers to ensure a smooth release. "It will be an eye opener to the young generation, yet entertaining"

Finally to mention the music created by Ujjwal Thengdi has a melodious traditional value matching the film. The film like any other movie involves an item number that breaths a life into the dull moments. 

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