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Awards shows are the biggest joke in the world and are fooling our audience says Saif Ali Khan

Sanyukta Thakare | November, 29 2017

In a very candid interview with Anupama Chopra for Film Companion, Saif Ali Khan opened up about award shows and how they are the biggest sham of the film industry. He said Awards shows are the biggest joke in the world and are fooling our audience.

After Nepotism took a life of its own due to the small act in IIFA  in an interview Saif mentioned he often questioned himself as to why did he participate in award shows. When Anupama asked if participating in Award shows is about the paychecks or is there something else to it, Said said. "I guess so, I have always done it at Award functions. But honestly, if you ask me there is no such thing as award shows. All channels have their own award shows and they give these guys awards for turning up."

"We all turn up and they all turn up because, let's face it we are suckers generally speaking. for whatever reason people turn up. which we probably shouldn't." he added.

He said the thing about these shows that disturbs him most is that it is all a lie. He revealed, " the bits that we do aren't funny at all. they intercut it such that it looks like people are laughing. because there is a laugh track. We make this bad joke and people at home say I don't think that's funny but everyone is laughing, but everyone in the audience is laughing which is a con." 

Deep down he feels disturbed that people are buying into that the channels are showing. "There is not enough money spent on the humor or entertainment. Of course, there are songs and dances which happen because it suits the sponsors."

Talking about participating, he if he can't help it and "if I need the money I will work or if I can I will stay a mile away. I am really worried about it, they all try to create this alternate universe inside when the box is on and it's got nothing to do with reality."

Khan has four films in various stages of production. He has completed filming for Akshat Verma's black comedy Kaalakaandi alongside Akshay Oberoi. He is currently filming the part of Shakun Kothari (a stockbroker) in Nikhil Advani's rags to riches drama Baazaar, and the Netflix original series Sacred Games, based on Vikram Chandra's novel of the same name. Additionally, he has committed to star as an Afghan warrior in Navdeep Singh's thriller Soorma.

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