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Arjun Rampal Slams Press for being Fake!

News Helpline | March, 11 2015

Reports about Arjun Rampal and Mehr Jessia filing for divorce in Bandra court went viral within minutes, which later turned out to be fake, has now invited the wrath of Arjun Rampal on Twitter.
Angry Arjun Rampal took to twitter and delivered a volley of tweets. From calling press fake and ventually swearing that he will not do any more personal interviews in life.
@rampalarjun ‘From today I refuse to do any personal interviews or discuss my personal life with any media person. Mind your own business. #fakepress’
 Arjun rampal said via @rampalarjun- ‘The truth about Bandra court?The couple were old friend Marc Robbinson and Wallucha. Oops they got their facts all wrong again. #fakepress
@rampalarjun- ‘The state of affairs about journalists in India. They on group chats on wasapp and cook up stories. Thats where news is made.That's the truth.’
@rampalarjun- My wife and I were at Bandra court filing a divorce?Say,Midday&few others.U know it's really easy to find that out.Did u bother? #fakepress
In past a report was published that Arjun Rampal's closeness with Sussanne Khan is the reason of fallout between once very good friends Sussanne and Arjun's wife Mehr Jessia and probable divorce between Sussanne and Hrithik.

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