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Anushka Sharma 'lip job': Twitter doesn't spare even Virat Kohli

News Helpline | February, 17 2014

Every once in a while, Bollywood’s leading ladies look like they’ve gone under the knife to ‘enhance’ their looks.This time around, it is actor Anushka Sharma who seems to have got a lip job done. Soon after the new teaser of Karan Johar’s talk show hit screens, fans started talking about how Anushka, who will be a guest on the show, turned up with visibly stung lips.
“What did Anushka do to her face? She was so ­pretty!” wrote Rhubinii on Twitter. Another fan, artist Angel Bedi, says, “I wonder why (she did it)! May be ­seeing your face on the big screen pushes you to make ridiculous changes.” When we asked cosmetology and skin expert Dr Varun Katyal if one could tell if Anushka had gone under the knife, he said, “It’s impossible to say just by looking at pictures; however, cosmetic fillers like injections can do the trick too, and  they heal ­quickly.” Anushka has faced rumours about getting cosmetic surgery done on her face earlier as well. She is also in news these days for her alleged romance with cricketer Virat Kohli. While both Sharma and Kohli have been tightlipped about the dalliance, news from 'sources' keep on coming.

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