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Amitabh Bachchan: Ramesh Sippy looks after his Artist

Ravi Sharma | March, 10 2017

Thespian Amitabh Bachchan recalls an incident from Sholay, where director Ramesh Sippy took the entire cast and crew to London, just like that. 

Amitabh Bachchan graced the grand opening of Ramesh Sippy’s Academy of Cinema & Entertainment and shared some experience from Sholay days.

“Ramesh Sippy is one person, who looks after his artists. On an occasion, when we were shooting for Sholay in Bangaluru, we arrived for the schedule and it started raining. We sat in our rooms, because rain didn’t stop for two days and we weren’t able to shoot. While sitting idly in the coffee shop of the hotel, we casually mentioned to Rameshji that it is raining and vibe is so good, we don’t feel like working, so he asked what is that you want to do. I replied, let’s go to London. And would you believe it ladies and gentleman the next day the entire cast and crew on a flight to London , thanks to Mr. Ramesh Sippy” said Big B. 

Veteran filmmaker Ramesh Sippy has ventured into education sector with a film school, affiliated with Mumbai University, where the students will be receiving complete knowledge and graduating with a degree in various aspects of film production and entertainment.

Praising the much needed cinematic education for the largest movie producing nation in the world, Amitabh said: “India, which is the largest movie making nation in the entire world, also becomes the largest earner of export in a sense. We have United States of America, where cinema is the second largest export earner for USA, after aeroplanes. If we are the largest filmmaking nation in the entire world, we should be largest earning member in export for this great nation”

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