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Akshay Kumar says Gabbar is exactly like Lord Rama

News Helpline | March, 28 2015

Popular mythological writer Amish Tripathi is ready with his new book ‘Scion of Ikshvaku’. After entertaining us with the adventures of Lord Shiva in the Shiva Trilogy, Amish will take us along the journey of Lord Rama. Rama Rajya forms the core theme of this book.

Amish went to explain the meaning of the Sanskrit lines showcased in the trailer of the film, he said, “Hold your head high, you’ll live in Rama’s Kingdom. Fight for justice, treat all as equal, protect the weak and know that Dharma is above all. And this according to me is Rama Rajya.”

 Akshay Kumar was present at the event to launch the book and he linked Amish’s above lines with his film Gabbar. He said, “Amish has written this book on Rama Rajya and my film Gabbar is based on this theme as well. The things Lord Rama does he mentioned are the same things Gabbar does too. He fights against injustice, helps the poor and other such acts which are required in our country against corruption. I’ll say that he wrote a book while I made a film on the same theme.”

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