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Akshay Kumar Anthem and now Bollywood: Rapper 'Crazy King'

News Helpline | April, 20 2015

Rapper in India are rare breed, there are plenty who cuss, abuse, take digs at system, women, anything which is controversial enough to sell and to find someone, who is young, talented and understand that sublime intricacy of rap and just thrash, it is even rarer.
Bharat Goswami notoriously and popularly known as Crazy King!! This little power star rapper can sing, compose and dance and he doesn't cuss, abuse, or take dig at anyone, he keeps it pure, he keeps is lyrical but never satirical!!
Hailing from Small town of Rajasthan, his father, being a government official, didn't understand the creative talent, he wanted him to take on regular profession like doctor, engineer.
“I’d always wanted to be on stage, performing. Moment I step on stage, my head and heart just align, words just starts pouring out” says CRAZY KING, who is talk of Tinsel town and underground rap world.
“I don’t follow anyone, but I inspired by Bohemia. I have listened to all his music. I find Honey Singh's rapping weak, I don’t think he is good rapper” says CRAZY KING.
“I did one song, more like story-telling, it’s called, Akshay Kumar Anthem, it’s my dedication to Akshay sir, he is inspiration for all strugglers and you can watch it on all digital channels” says CRAZY KING.
“Apna Star and Teri yaad are two of my songs, which are ready, we just finished shooting. Teri yaad I did it with a famous singer Paulmi Majumdar and apart from that, I have close to ten songs which will out soon” says CRAZY KING.
 “I write my own stuff, I haven’t taken on anyone’s written material, it’s just starts flowing naturally. My coming Albums will have all my songs” Says CRAZY KING.
CRAZY KING came to Mumbai and started auditioning in studios, like everyone else, he didn’t get the chance, but some day, magic happened. Indian Idol winner Sandeep Archarya, noticed him and approached him, he was impressed with his work and offered to do an album with CRAZY KING.
“Sandeep asked me, what is that I do? As he noticed me in studio many times, so I showed me my work, and told him, I write and rap, and he took my audition, he listened to my composition and rap and he told me, stop running around, now we will do an album” says CRAZY KING.
But unfortunately after recording six songs in Mumbai and Rajasthan, Nach laai, which could have been a milestone in his career, died with death of Sandeep Archarya.
But he wasn’t disheartened with misfortune, that’s what rapper do, he worked on refining his skills, he created his own song bang, and now he preparing to launch himself all over again, this time, rapping for movie songs.
“I have some pipeline projects with big banners, but I can’t talk about them, I am going to launch myself with a bang in films” says CRAZY KING.

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