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Aamir Khan- Self Appointed Brand Ambassador of Conscious India is irked by Social Media Fight On AIB

News Helpline | February, 20 2015

Post AIB, Aamir Khan tried to bump-up his TRP, by condemning it, mostly going with the current flow at the time, which turned out to be a serious fatal error.Now Twitter, Face book, tumblr, Blogs, fans pages are filled with fingers being pointed at Aamir Khan.Looks like Aamir Khan and his PR team, needs to conduct a press conferences where self appointed voice of India, might need to explain.

Lagan was a smash hit, was sent as nation’s choice for the Oscars, ironically movie didn’t win diddly twat, as the jury slept after interval and hats off to Aamir khan’s legendary PR team, appointing him the brand ambassador of thinking and liberated India.
Funny, as Aamir khan never believed in awards and openly express his reservation about it, but went all the way to Oscar’s for an award. No-Man’s-Land, kicked Lagaan out of race, Aamir Khan said that the winning film deserved to win.
His power of observation and addressing the obvious is breath taking.

Then came a whole new buzz, one movie a year, like festivals, one holi, one diwali, One giant colossal big budget movie from Mr. Self appointed Perfectionist. Extensive work on scripts, physical transformation and all the preparations he does, his PR team make sure, it’s been smeared on every paper, news site, magazine, twitter and every known social network.
Wonder what’s so special about it?Everyone does it too. Every actor small or big put hard work, dedication, commitment, time, energy and money in his project. So what makes this little Khan such a goddamn Special?Aamir Khan’s been on Rang De Basanti, Bhagat Singh, Mangal Pandey super trips, been on Narmada Bachao Andolan for name sake, but once movie made cash, Mr. Perfectionist turned into Mr. India and vanished.These are some of the topic for debate, making rave news on social media.

Aamir khan is being slammed, shamed and asked questions, which he is not ready to answer as yet! Bloggers, Social Activists, youth all are against Aamir khan. So one would ask what happened.

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