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Aamir Khan researches on the origin of Bhojpuri.

| November, 21 2014

The ace actor is extremely curios about the language and wants to know more about it.He has been asking a lot of people about the language and its history.Aamir loves the style and quirkiness of the language.

He being the perfectionist that he is he wants to know everything about the language.Aamir had to learn the language for his film, P.K and has caught on the lingo of it.He has personally also taken a keen interest in not only finding out about its history but has also shown interest in learning the language to perfection.

He is seen may a times speaking with his staff in the language.Aamir Khan has consciously made an effort to learn the nuances of the language.He wants to completely learn about the language, its history and its dialect.He has been taking keen interest and has practiced a lot to get it the dialect right for his film.

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