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TAG HEUER CELEBRATES THE SPIRIT OF ‘DON’T CRACK UNDER PRESSURE’ Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan participated in an action-packed evening

| June, 30 2015

An evening of high-octane thrills was anticipated at Mumbai’s iconic Mehboob Studio. TAG Heuer, the unparalleled market leader in watches and chronographs, hosted a spectacular evening symbolizing their brand motto, Don’t Crack Under Pressure. Through this motto, TAG Heuer demonstrates its striking attitude, a mindset that is ready to take on bold challenges.
The ‘Don’t Crack Under Pressure’ claim enlightens the mental strength of the Dream Team, athletes and partners, who reflect the values of the TAG Heuer shield. Each builds on the legend in their particular field, reinventing the rules as they go: be it ace footballer Cristiano Ronaldo, tennis star Maria Sharapova, EDM icon David Guetta, Formula 1 champion Jenson Button or superstar Shah Rukh Khan.
In this true TAG Heuer spirit, the action-packed evening saw a host of gravity-defying stunts that are an integral part of Bollywood movies. The highlight of the evening was when TAG Heuer Brand Ambassador, Shah Rukh Khan took on the challenge of being amidst the daredevilry and part of the awe-inspiring stunts performed by professional stuntmen, truly living the Don't Crack Under Pressure mindset.
On this occasion, TAG Heuer also unveiled the new Aquaracer 300M Automatic Chronograph. A sports watch that offers unrivalled reliability, utility and ruggedness – developed to meet the extreme requirements of professionals across different sports. With its ingenious design and a 300-metre dive capacity, the Aquaracer offers a charismatic expression of indomitable spirit with a refined, sporty allure.
Brand Ambassador Shah Rukh Khan said, "When you achieve success, it’s tempting to coast along and let your guard down. The key is to keep pushing. You have to find it in yourself, and be motivated by what’s next. The only way not to crack under pressure is to find your own space and never stop trying.”
Amit Chaloo, General Manager - TAG Heuer, India added, “Don’t Crack Under Pressure is not just a claim, it is a powerful mindset. Our celebration for the evening is a reiteration of this mindset. There is no better way to showcase this belief than with our brand ambassador Shah Rukh Khan who exemplifies this mindset even more.”
TAG Heuer: the Swiss Avant-Garde watchmaker since 1860. Its rich heritage is built on pushing boundaries and breaking rules: harnessing mental fortitude to overcome technology restraints and create daring watches and chronographs. Long-lasting partnerships with motor racing teams and charismatic ambassadors drive it to break with watch making conventions, and, as a consequence, master time with unparalleled precision. The brand's motor racing DNA, as well as the amazing athletes who belong to its dream team, reflect its core values of teamwork, mental strength, courage and ambition. Its slogan, DON’T CRACK UNDER PRESSURE, is far more than a claim – it is a mindset.

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