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Siddhant Kapoor Used Dad Shakti Kapoor’s Suit And Sunglasses For His ‘Haseena’ Look Test

Siddharth Dhongle | May, 09 2017

Did You Know? Siddhant Kapoor Used Dad Shakti Kapoor’s Suit And Sunglasses For His ‘Haseena’ Look Test

Actor Siddhant Kapoor will be seen teaming up with sister Shraddha Kapoor for the very first time in Apoorva Lakhia’s upcoming film ‘Haseena’, which is based on the life of Dawood’s sister Haseena Parkar and Siddhant will be seen playing Dawood while Shraddha will play Haseena.

In his two looks that the makers revealed recently, the boyish Siddhant looks utterly sinister and menacing as the young Dawood with his slicked back hair, a flashy suit and oversized aviator sunglasses. However, did you know the interesting story behind Siddhant’s look test for the film?

The actor says with a guffaw, “Apoorva Lakhia told me ‘I know you will pull off the acting, but convince me that you can look like him.’ I then hired a photographer and got into the full old school look with dad’s clothes and sunglasses, did a shoot and nailed the look.” Siddhant, who also had to put on weight for his role as the older Dawood, binged on chocolates and burgers to put on 9 kilos for some portions of the film.

 A source attached to the film said, “The way Siddhant prepared for the role and transformed into Dawood was truly awe-inspiring and his portrayal of the dreaded don is going to be one of the most sinister portrayals ever seen on the silver screen. when Siddhant came on the sets in this look for the very first time, the unit  was quite taken aback to see the boyish actor look so menacing.”

Directed by Apoorva Lakhia, the film is being presented by Swiss Entertainment and has been produced by Nahid Khan. Haseena is slated to release on July 14.

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