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Quotes from Tina Desai, Ali Fazal, Tapsee Pannu & Richa Chadha for Holi and Womens Day‏

| March, 03 2015

Ali Fazal : My most memorable holi has been the time when i had wrapped myself in oil the night before holi, and gone off to sleep, and as expected, my friends landed up inside my house and colored me up the next morni g. In the process they also ended up coloring my room which didnt go down pretty well with my mom. . That was one of the most epic holis i hav been part of.
We woke the entire colony up by 630 in the morning. Felt like gangsters at the age of 14 . This year i might travel home for holi or might be shooting in USA

Taapsee Pannu : Every year I was used to celebrating holi back home with my friends in delhi. Be it with really nasty colours or with tubs n tubs of water. It used to be fun at that time to throw water balloons on people around but the most memorable holi was when I gave up playing like that, used organic colours and no water to waste. Celebrated with dry colours and good food. That celebration have me more happiness. 

Women’s Day Quote

Taapsee Pannu : I wish this women's day we have women stand for each other. Instead of requesting men to help make a difference for us lets realise our own potential and help ourselves. Realise that there is nothing that we can't do and it's only a matter of self realisation. Don't become a hurdle for another woman or a reason for her to feel dejected, instead help her to raise herself from the shackles of time and chauvinism. 

Tina Desai : I feel that the best empowerment is knowledge. If the girl child is educated, she can get a job, and an income. This empowers her, gives her confidence, an opinion, respect and better ability to stand up and support herself. I feel education is the answer to a lot of problems that plague any society. 

This women's day, I'd like to see efforts made in that direction. Maybe subsidized education for poorer families, or parents making an effort to admit their daughters to school, or grants/scholarships for girls interested in studying. Something that encourages parents to educate their daughters...

Richa Chadha: I wish that people in this country,men and women, would start treating women as human beings, at par with men, and not just as baby-vending machines, unpaid household workers, dowry bringers and objects for sexual gratification.To make life better for women in India, Indian women must get more courageous and vocal about their problems, and society as well as politicians and the law enforcers must become compassionate and firm


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