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Priyanka Chopra will give ‘Guru Dakshana’ to Mary Kom on Teacher’s Day!

News Helpline | August, 30 2014

Bollywood leading actress Priyanka Chopra is quite excited and humble, she  hopes that her portrayal of MC Mary Kom in a biopic would prove to be a milestone in her film career. Priyanka, 32, says the film, which is based on the life and struggles of the renowned boxer, is her token of love to Kom on Teacher’s Day as the film is releasing on September 5.

“The portrayal of the character was very challenging and this film can prove to be the milestone in my career. Since the film is releasing on Teachers day and as Mary Kom has taught me the nuances of boxing, I am dedicating it to Mary Kom as my ‘guru dakshina’,” Priyanka said who was promoting the film.

The actress did not approve of the film being referred to as a women-centric movie. “Instead of Mary Kom being treated as a gender centric film, it should be taken as a normal one”, she said.

On her preparations to play the role, Priyanka said that the training imparted to her to fit into the personality of a dedicated women like Kom was difficult. “Mary Kom is a left hander but I use my right hand more… It was difficult to adopt her techniques in front of the camera”, she said.

Priyanka advocated making sports compulsory in schools, saying that it would help promote more players like Kom

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