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Priyanka Chopra Hosts India's First Boxing Match on Twitter‏

Siddharth Dhongle | September, 17 2014

Breaking Gender Stereotypes through a Boxing Match on Twitter

Starting 11th September for three days, the Twitter world picked some interesting boxing fights with Mary Kom Twitter Bout.  This Twitter Bout was a one-of-its-kind Boxing match on Twitter conducted by Priyanka Chopra to break gender stereotypes. The match was carried out in three rounds over three consecutive days where everyday one stereotype was put to vote using innovative hashtags.

Each tweet using the hashtag carried 10 points and a re-tweet carried 5 points. Just like real life boxing, the objective of the participants was to win the championship by being the most influential and consistent contestant. The most interesting tweets were chosen from each bout, and a video displaying the sentiments of the day and people’s opinions was put up at the end of every day.

Hashtag for Day 1 was #WomenCanDrive v/s #WomenCantDrive where #WomenCanDrive was a clear winner with an amazing response of 718 tweets. The hashtag got an overwhelming total reach of 14,575,094. Day 2 hashtag was #MenCryBecause v/s #MenDontCryBecause where the fans came up with some really interesting responses and surprisingly #MenCryBecause won by 243 tweets with a total reach of 326,217. Day 3 hashtag - #YoWomenSoSmart v/s #YoMenSoSmart saw rise in numbers and responses from Day 2 with a marginal win of #YoWomenSoSmart with 383 tweets. Day 3 got a total reach of 14,172,448.

This 3-day unique Twitter Bout received an incredible response from the fans and a total reach of 29,073,759. Six lucky winners were announced at the end of the third day and they won couple movie tickets and merchandise.  

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