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Mukesha Khanna – Chidiakhana is an Important Film

Ravi Sharma | November, 08 2016

“Chidiakhana is an important film for CFSI” says Chairperson Mukesh Khanna at the on-location shoot of the film.

Mukesh Khanna also known as “Shaktimann” is the chairperson of “The Children's Film Society of India (CFSI)” and after a long tussle is finally changing gears with children content releasing with main stream cinema.

“After becoming the chairperson of CFSI, I decided that now our films will not be limited only to festivals, we will release them in theatre. Because if we don’t release movies in theatre it will never reach children’s” said Mukesh Khanna.

Mukesh Khanna also talked about inspiring kids to take up more games with their current choices of movies, which are ready to release.

“Chidikhana is set on the backdrop of Football. I believe kids are more inclined toward games. So this time I took five-six movies with a backdrop of sports, such as Tennis, Football, Rugby, basketball and Hockey” added Mukhesh.   

ChidiKhana is directed by Manish Tiwary, starring Prashant Narayanan, Rajehswari Sachdev, Ravi Kishan and others.

“Manish is directing the film. When I saw the script of the film, I saw a lot of potential in the movie” added Mukesh.

Mukesh Khanna also talked about his aim to improve the children’s content in India as kids are watching content which is meant for adults.

“There is no good content for Kids in India to watch. They are watching stuff which they shouldn’t be watching. Either they are watching Saas-Bahu serials or action movies, which are not meant for them. As a chairman I will change all this” added Mukesh Khanna.

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