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In this Age, Censorship is Pointless – Anurag Kashyap

Ravi Sharma | March, 23 2017

“In this age of YouTube and Internet, Censorship is pointless” says Filmmaker Anurag Kashyap at the FICCI Frames 2017 panel discussion.

Tussle between filmmakers and Censorship is growing deeper by the minute. Anurag Kahsyap, who has been in direct fights with censor board over the release of Udta Punjab and many more, finally calls the whole existence of censor board, “pointless”.

“To have some kind of Censorship in the age of YouTube and Internet is pointless. It is not even about what I think is right or wrong, I am saying what are you trying to block people from? We have to start treating our audiences as adult people who can think for themselves. We have to stop handling audiences. Stop doing things on their behalves because how are we trying to protect?”

“You’re preventing them from growing up, preventing them for standing up. If I don’t want to watch anything, I don’t. I don’t see many things. I would refuse to see it. But if I want to watch something, I’d like to watch it with honesty” adds Anurag Kashyap during his panel discussion about certification and censorship.

Gangs of Wasseypur makers also spoke about films being a magical experience, which can only be enjoyed in theatre.

“There are two different audiences – there are millions, who loves watching the films on their laptops, then there is this cinema going people. I grew up watching films on big screen. I watch more film on digital screens, but I want to have possibility to watch it on big screen. I have a problem going to cinema, when the movie is cut down.  I enjoy the experience of watching the film on big screen. Cinema was this magical experience, when I was growing up” adds Anurag.

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