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I Don’t Think Nana Patekar Would Intentionally Hurt Someone – Ram Gopal Varma

Ravi Sharma | October, 10 2018

Tanushree Datta and Nana Patekar feud is getting worse by the minute. The police cases are filed and the controversy has sparked something in film industry, which is rocking the very foundation to its core.

Now filmmaker Ram Gopal Varma has issued a video, where he has tried to weigh in his opinion about the actor (Nana Patekar), with whom he has worked in many films. Ram Gopal quips that one needs to understand the context and personality of Nana Patekar, and he believes that he would never do something like that.

In the video, Ram Gopal Varma said, “I have no reasons to disbelief Tanushree Datta, when she says something like he touched him inappropriately and whatever the way she felt…but I would like to believe, Nana Patekar that I know will never do it deliberately. He will never do it wantingly…to actually hurt somebody else. And I believe that I know him that well…”

He also added that Nana Patekar do have a rough exterior and sometimes obnoxious but his intentions are never bad.

He said, “The Nana Patekar, I have experienced the reports we hear that he is obnoxious, he is hot tempered, he is hard headed, and all of that is true. But does it come from a place to intentionally hurt somebody, does it comes from a place to deliberately wanting to hurt someone, I completely disbelief that”

Ram Gopal Varma also shared some anecdotes and stories, which simply enhance the fact that Nana Patekar is a good man, who takes care of his family and parents.

Check Out the Video:-  


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