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Dance with Madhuri presents BollyOut!‏

News Helpline | August, 31 2015

What do you get when you combine the talents of a classically trained, queen of dance and films with the talents of a Cardiovascular and Thoracic Surgeon? It's the latest offering from DWM called Bollyout. When asked about the new BollyOut, Madhuri Dixit Nene responded, “Dance has been an integral part of my fitness regime.  It effortlessly keeps me toned and makes me happy.”  
Her heart surgeon husband stated, “When we looked at the literature, it was obvious that dancers literally had a leg up on others with regard to staying in shape.  Dance was found to be equivalent and in many cases superior to a normal workout.  So we put it to the test by putting heart rate monitors on MD during her Dancercise class.  What we found is that she had lost 400 calories in 15 minutes"
Bollyout is the amalgamation of the best moves and music in Bollywood and a high intensity, low impact workout that pays close attention to muscle groups, aerobic and anaerobic metabolism, heart rates and caloric burn.  Combined with good nutrition, BollyOut may be just what the doctor ordered for a healthy lifespan and lifestyle.
In essence, BollyOut will effortlessly get you into shape while having fun.  It works on the cardiovascular system to increase your stamina, at the same time increasing muscular endurance and strength.
At the same time, with the Dance with Madhuri, all your activity and progress can be recorded and showcased for you and your friends to follow and join in. In addition, you get the new Bollyout gear which is designed exclusively for fitness by Dance with Madhuri and Madz

Bollyout is also available at gyms and clubs now.... So Don’t workout, Just BollyOut!!

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