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Alka Yagnik’s name, picture used illegally for concert

Joel Kurian | April, 22 2015

Legendary singer Alka Yagnik recently learned about a concert which was being promoted as ‘Alka Yagnik Live’ along with her picture. However, she has vehemently denied agreeing to perform at the concert. In fact, the fraudulent act has irked her extremely and she clarified everything on her Twitter account. She shared a series of tweets, ‘Hi, I have not committed any show on 9th may 2015 in Chennai as promoted by A Tri star presentation.’
She went on to say, ‘It's a fake advertisement. Please beware of committing anything to this company.’She didn’t just stop at clarifying and tweeted, ‘Also if ths advrtismnt isnt remvd with in nxt 24hrs wth apolgy f false claims, I shuld b compelled 2 proceed legally.’
Along with this she posted the pictures of the poster being circulated for promotion by the offenders. Apparently it was a fan Deepshikha D Angel who came across the poster on Google and brought it to the notice of Alka Yagnik.
It is a popular tactic among crooks to promote an event by adding a picture and name of a popular celebrity. And it is extremely unfair for the audience paying huge amounts of money expecting their favourite stars and getting someone else. The organizers smartly say the concerned celebrity is ill or stuck in traffic and make do with the other not-so-popular stars sometimes. While sometimes it leads to chaos among the audience. It is really proactive from Alka Yagnik to clarify her stand in the matter.

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