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| August, 10 2015

Soothing voice blending with lyrics that seeped in like poetry adding substance is exactly what Ajitesh Sharma’s directorial song “EK DUA” resonates. 
Ajitesh Sharma’s hindi directorial song “EK DUA” over comes the carving of warmth. The Sufi number is high on its musical richness, its subtlety and its uncanny ability to reach deep within our hearts. 
Capturing the essence of various emotions like love & pain, Ajitesh Sharma elaborates the idea behind his first Indian Sufi song “Indian Sufi Music was always the first and the only choice considered for the song “EK DUA”. The idea was to have a fusion song which evokes emotions of love, pain and most importantly displays the journey of a character as she internally transforms” further adding “The idea was also to have a quality video in international setting & collaborating with international cast and crew to give the audience a never-seen-before music video”. 
Serene, Sublime & Majestic is synonyms to the Award Winning Director Ajitesh Sharma’s Indian Sufi Song- “EK DUA”. 
With a vision to blend the international format in Indian style, Ajitesh draws inspiration from the International road movies and whole Bollywood “I wanted to have a song in which the main character transforms as she travels. Mostly in this genre of films or songs, the major changing force is the interaction of main character with others but in this song the internal changes are the major reason”
“EK DUA” is not just a video; it's an experience, which can be seen and cherished by most.

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