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Shraddha Das Talks About The Awful Experience That She Had With Mannara On Sets Of ‘Zid’

News Helpline | November, 20 2014

Sexy actress Shraddha Das who was last seen in Madhur Bhandarkar’s ‘Dil Toh Baccha Hai Ji’ will soon be seen in her upcoming release, ‘Zid’. The actress happens to be talk of the town for her bold scenes that she has done in the film as one get to  see in the film’s trailer.

However, the actress didn’t have a good time shooting the film with her co-star Mannara who happens to be Priyanka chopra’s cousin. Talking about the awful experience that she had with Mannara while shooting for the film, the actress stated in an interview that she had enough of it and it was unbearable working with her co-star Mannara.

Shraddha said,  “There was this scene that required the both of us to enter into a scuffle and she ended up hitting me for real. I told her to be less aggressive. I can understand you can perhaps slap someone for real to get a genuine reaction on screen but I don’t understand battering someone for no reason.”

It didn’t end there, as Shraddha said she further had more horrible experience, “For another scene a few dummy sticks were arranged. I don’t know from where she got wooden sticks and hit me in the face. I was immediately taken to the hospital and I had a blood clot in my eye. In action scenes, you have to maintain eye contact with your co-actor. She just came out of nowhere and hit me so badly,” 

Shraddha further added that she isn’t very pleased as  trailer of Zid only highlights her steamy scenes with co-actor Karanvir Sharma and focuses more on Mannara. ““It’s common sense right? Being a star’s cousin, you are automatically promoted. I was worried if the love-making scene would be the only highlight in the trailer but I have got positive reactions from everyone,” 

‘Zid’ happens to be very much in taks in B-town , all thanks to the leading ladies,Shraddha and Mannara for their sizzling scenes with lead actor Karanvir Sharma. The film will release on 28th November on big screens. 

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