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‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’ is a secular film says Puneet Issar

Ashwin Sheshware | April, 14 2021

Actor Puneet Issar, who will feature in a short film titled ‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’, has said that his forthcoming film is a secular film. He added saying that although the film talks about a controversial incident but it does not target any other group or religion.  He added saying that it’s a clean film and they are not trying to create any controversy with the release of the film.

Puneet Issar was interacting with the media to promote ‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’ along with his son and film’s director Siddhant Issar on Monday in Mumbai.

The film is based on Sadhu lynching and Cow slaughter. It opposes and condemns acts of cruelty and brutality. Loosely inspired by true events, the film is a fictional story and pays tribute to all sages who have sacrificed their life fighting for Sanatan Dharma.   
Puneet Issar said that ‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’ is a secular film and they are not targeting any group and create controversy with the film, he said, “Our film talks about issue of cow slaughter because I personally feel that cruelty towards any animal is not acceptable at all especially cow who are treated as mother in Hindu tradition and that’s what we have tried to showcase in the film. This film not only talks about Sanatan Dharma but it also talks about brotherhood and unity amongst each other because Hindu religion taught us that the entire world is like a family. It’s a secular film and we are not trying to sensationalize things or create any sort of controversy through the film, so I think people of every religion and every class will appreciate it.”

Talking about the subject of the film, Puneet Issar said, ‘We have received really nice feedback for the teaser of the film. The film is releasing on 16th April exactly one year after mob lynching case of Sadhus in Palghar. It is our deliberate decision to release the film on that particular day because we are paying our tribute to those Sadhus who lost their lives in that unfortunate incident. In the comment section, people are saying that finally someone dared to make a film on this subject, so we are looking forward to knowing the audience's reaction after its release. We hope that this film reaches a maximum number of audience.”

On April 16, 2020, villagers in Palghar district of Maharashtra lynched three people on the suspicion that they were robbers. Maharashtra's Crime Investigation Department (CID) had filed a chargesheet against 126 people accused in the case.

The film features Puneet Issar and his son Siddhant in key roles, talking about casting of the film, Puneet Issar said, “Normally people and celebrities organize candle march or comment on social media when such incidents takes place but when this incident (Palghar lynching) took place no one talked about it, so that’s when Siddhant (Issar) told me that we should make a film on this subject. I am playing the role of a saint in the film and Siddhant’s character has negative shades in it but people have to watch it to know the surprise element of the film. Both of us have featured in the film because we thought that we were suitable for those roles. Both of us share guru-shishya (teacher - pupil) kind of relationship in the film, so what relationship we have in our personal life that’s what we have portrayed in the film as well."
Talking about nepotism in the film industry, Puneet Issar said, “I feel if you don’t have talent then you will not become successful. As a father, I can guide Siddhant (Issar) but if he has the passion and talent to do things then he will certainly become successful. Every individual has its own journey and struggles, so he is no different. I think he has made a really good film, so let’s see how the audiences react to it.”  

‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’ also stars Gufi Paintal, Satyajeet Puri, Sagar Salunkhe, Ridhima Bedi and Shailendra Shrivastava in key roles.

The film is written and directed by Siddhant Issar and produced by Puneet Issar, Piyush Gahlot, Mohit Gahlot, Ram Kumar Pal. ‘Sanghaar - The Massacre’ will stream on Showman Theatre Productions YouTube channel on 16th April, 2021.

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