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“I have a fear of falling sick”- Kajol

Sanjukta Sen | March, 01 2016

Actress Kajol has approached her support for an initiative about the wellbeing of women, "Women Wellness - Through The Ages", a special wellness forum organized by Hinduja Healthcare Surgical in suburban Khar.
While addressing at the event, the mother of two children said, “Women’s wellness should be taken very seriously. And I honestly believe this. Once a woman attains motherhood, there is no time to fall ill. The day I became a mother I can’t afford to get sick even for a single day. I have a phobia in my head. Even if I have a headache, I am scared. I don’t have time to bear a headache or cold. Immediately I take medicines to prevent any further trouble.” 
“I am too lazy to go to a doctor. So I can understand most of the ladies avoid taking care of their health just like me. Being a mother I know the amount of time and effort we devote towards our children or others. Now the time has come that we must realize to take care of ourselves in a guilt-free way.” The 41-year-old actress added.
The actress thinks that ignorance in regular health check-up is not because of lack of education, “I do think education plays a part of it. But I don’t think it is a paramount to it. Even an educated person neglects his health checkup. They don’t understand the importance of doing a health check. We have a fear of a visit to a doctor as if doctors always come up with a negative result. We have to eradicate this thought and I don’t think education is a part of this thing at all” said the powerhouse actress.
Married to Ajay Devgn, Kajol has adjusted her work and personal life with lots of care once she attained motherhood. She insisted all mothers do likewise! 

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