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‘I am not anti-muslim’, Sonu Nigam clears his stand on Azaan row

News Helpline | April, 20 2017

On Wednesday, Singer Sonu Nigam held a press conference to clear his stance on entire azaan row which has been subject of national debate from last two days.

Sonu had sparked a debate on Tuesday with four tweets about his annoyance at being woken up by azaan (call to prayer) and termed the use of loudspeakers as "forced religiousness" and "gundagardi". During the press conference Sonu stand firm on his opinion and asserted that he is not anti-muslim at all.

Defending allegation of being anti-msulim, he said, "I never thought that someone like me who reveres Mohammad Rafi as his father, considers Ghulam Mustafa Khan and Mohammad Tahir his guru, whose trainer and driver are Muslims, has friends who read their namaz in his house, will be tainted as anti-Muslim. If people think that way then it is not my problem, it is the problem of their mindset.”

Reiterate his point of view, Nigam said, "In developed countries like America and Australia people don’t fight over these petty issues. We have lot more serious issue to deal with. People need to understand crux of my thinking and they need to be considerate with each other. I've spoken about the nuisance caused by loudspeakers in the past and I stick to my stand. Loudspeakers are not a religious necessity. I have the same thing to say about temples and gurudwara’s. There are Hindu festivals when people blast film music on the streets and make a lot of noise. Isn't that dadagiri too? I'm talking about a social issue. Not a religious one."

Rubbishing speculation about his political attachments, he said, "I'm neither left-wing nor right-wing. I'm in the middle, which makes me a minority."

The 43-year-old said his decision to sport a skinhead in response to the maulvi's declaration was about conveying a serious message. "See, this is the gundagardi that I was talking about. But I'm not trying to stage an agitation or challenge the maulvi. It's about baring and fighting fanaticism peacefully. I am trying to prove a point here is that I am a Hindu and a man who is shaving my head (Alim Hakim) is a Muslim and we areshowing that together we can have understanding with each other and live peacefully”.

Meanwhile, the entire issue is getting mixed opinions about Sonu Nigam recent tweets from bollywood and entire country.

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