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‘Barkha Dutt would never co-anchor with Arnab Goswami’: Barkha tells Sonakshi

Siddharth Dhongle | April, 21 2017

A tell-all interview as Sonakshi ‘Noor’ Sinha interviews Barkha Dutt
Sonakshi Sinha’s upcoming film ‘Noor’ which has already hit theatres worldwide has her playing a journalist in the film. On the eve before the release of her film, Sonakshi decided to wear the hat of a journalist and interview none other than prominent senior journalist Barkha Dutt.
It was the biggest interview of her life for actress Sonakshi Sinha as this time around, it was a role reversal with Barkha Dutt getting interviewed by journalist ‘Noor’ Roy Choudhary. In this exclusive interview, Sonakshi had an engaging conversation with the senior journalist where several topics were touched upon and brought forth to the table.
On being asked by Sonakshi a.k.a. Noor about how easy or tough it could get for women journalists in their profession, Barkha Dutt said that it is very difficult for women journalists in the workspace as women in particular are very easily slotted. She said, “When you enter a newsroom, and if you are presentable & pretty, you are made to do the soft stories & features or the entertainment stories.”
Sonakshi quizzed her on whether she would ever interview or co-anchor with journalist Arnab Goswami to which her reply was, “I would never co-anchor with Arnab Goswami. He is the Donald Trump of Indian journalism.”
Barkha Dutt and a lot of celebrities including Sonakshi Sinha often face this common issue of trolls on social media. Addressing this issue, Sonakshi questioned, “How do you troll a troll” to which she said, “The best way I’d say is to just ignore them.”
Barkha Dutt, through the interview also raised a very important point on why celebrities don’t take a stand on certain issues; and if they do take a stand, then why do they shy away from supporting that stand.
“Noor”, directed by Sunhil Sippy, and produced by T-Series & Abundantia Entertainment releases in theatres on April 21st, 2017.

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