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Vicky Donor

News Helpline | April, 20 2012

Vicky Donor Cast & Crew:


Rising Suns Films Pvt Ltd, JA Entertainment Pvt Ltd and Eros Entertainment.

Release Date

20 Apr 2012




John Abraham


Shoojit Sircar

Star Cast

Annu Kapoor and
Ayushman Khurana.

Executive Producer




Media Relations


Publicity Designs




Music Director

















Music Company





Production Designers

Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : value for money value entertainment!!!

Vicky Donor

An amazing fact that people of India have become broad minded. I thought there would be hardly a few who would love to see a movie that suggest sperm donation.  We are well aware of blood donation, eye donation or any organ donation. But sperm donation is something new.  There are movies on surrogate mothers but movie on sperm donor is completely a fresh concept in Bollywood. A fresh thought with a fresh cast was an amazing match.



Shoojit sircar is one the intelligent film maker who used a fresh thought with fresh leads.  We hardly realized, there are en-number of childless couples. They need sperm donors who can add happiness in their life and complete their family. Sperm donation could be a new concept but it’s a way old legalized fact in India. India does have sperm donation centers. It’s just that it needed the spotlight support which would definitely grace up with shoojit sircars vicky donor.



People, who are in a notion that Vicky donor has something dirty, then clear your thoughts because it revolves around an important message. Vicky donor is a story of a cute young Punjabi munda Vicky(Ayushman), who plays cricket, for him relationship status is complicated, he loves to enjoy his life in his unique style.  He is unlike the other thousand youngsters in the city.  He lives Simple yet rocking life. But a small twist rolls into his life were mr. Chadda (Annu Kapoor ) tends to meet Vicky and convince him for sperm donation. After long thoughts Vicky finally agrees to become a sperm donor. Slowly he starts enjoying being a sperm donor. Where he feels his life is on track another twist rolls in. He falls in love with a Bengali beauty Ashima (yami gautam) who is unaware of vicky’s profession. What will happen when truth will unfold before Ashima? That you have to go and find out in theaters.

Shoojit’s concept was unique. The film started off very well. It’s a movie that’s completely entertaining. Amazing script by Juhi Chaturvedi. Good dialogues, proper pauses, the script knew were to make the audience laugh and were to make them sit back and think. As per the script the direction goes hand in hand. The flavors and colors of enriched Punjab and few enriched cultural shots of Bengal add to the clips. The comic punches and expressions of the actors were shot well to spice up the movie. Hand in hand goes the cinematography and the fine editing that made the scenes look normal and real. The entire team work was so good that people could easily connect themselves with the movie.



Coming down to the actors this is Ayushman’s first break in Bollywood. He made a dynamic start with such an amazing performance.  Ayushman is any ways a good entertainer. He has always been a treat to watch. His looks, expressions and one liner are just amazing. He stood out to be a real Punjabi munda in this movie. He is very convincing as Vicky. He slips into the skin of the character and makes it believable.  Yami gautam is pretty cute. We are well verged with her acting skills too. She was good in small screens but amazing work in silver screens. Yami looks pretty with Ayushman and their chemistry is too good. As a supporting actor Annu Kapoor has done a brilliant job. Last but not the least with the fresh debut actors it’s the first time John has ventured into production with this movie. He is captive and has done a wonderful job. As an actor john has always proved to be good but even as a producer John has been good.  



Moving on to the soundtrack of the film all songs are musical to hear. The movie has a party number Rum Whisky that also shot John with Ayushman and Yami. The song is catchy and very peppy that has bhangda tune mixed in. The other track that comes into my mind is beautiful romantic number Pani Da. It’s mesmerizing and a good track in lonely times. Mar jayiyan is a sad track that has a good musical blend. Kho jane de is another romantic soft and sweet number.




My verdict

The movie is start to end pretty entertaining. It would keep you engage throughout.  You would laugh; hold your breath in some scenes. It’s romantic, comic and a youthful movie brazed with important message. The music, the cast, the story a complete entertaining package in totality. It swiped the others out of the box office and stood to be the best choce this weekend. The beautiful shorts of Delhi and pure delhiets give you the feel of delhi. Annu Kapoor and Ayushman both had a fantastic Punjabi dialect. The proved to be actually the heart of delhi. It was amazing to watch them.   All you know after watching this movie you to become a secret sperm donor.  Its amazing and good choice for this weekend, you must go for it.

For the first time in Indian Cinemas: action hero, super stud and steaming hot John is trying his luck to ticckle your comic bones. Yes for the first time John is coming up trying his luck in producing a comic genre film. The films lead star cast   include Annu Kapoor and cool dude Ayushman Khuranna. Its gonna be a big break for  MTV VJ Ayushman. Time will let us know how will they make us laugh but for Ayushman fans there is hardly anytime. 

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