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The Strangers: Prey at Night

Sanyukta Thakare | March, 23 2018

The Strangers: Prey at Night Cast & Crew:


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01 Jan 0001




Star Cast

Christina Hendricks; Martin Henderson; Bailee Madison; Lewis Pullman; Emma Bellomy; Damian Maffei; Lea Enslin;

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Movie Review

Rating :

Verdict : Watch it for the fun of knowing a few killers.

I don't believe it to be a horror honestly, films like these need a genre of their own. There is nothing scary in the movie, but I was in awe of the makers for making such a movie with such great actors. 
It's like a Young Adult going terribly wrong, in the best way. Don't even get me started on the villains they are the heroes of this film. With good actors and a decent movie good direction, any story can turn out to be movie good enough to watch more than once. It might a personal preference thing with the kind of essence the movie has but we need more of such movies that don't have a great meaning, just a few people who want to just randomly kill people. 
It was brave of the makers to dive into the Killers more than the victims, the way they are shown killing people gives a depth to their characters creating a world of its own, and it's incredible. Turning your victims into the killers themselves breaks the usual being rescued cliche, or just injuring enough to leave alive.
Jumping to the acting- having Lewis Pullman and Bailee Madison playing the kids have done an amazing job at showing the struggle and different feeling they would go through when thrown into a similar situation. Of course, there are a few things that were difficult to digest but the other things like taking charge of the situation, shaking when answering the phone, grabbing Pin-Up Girl's knife to kill her while crying make up for it. 
The gruesome story had a few setbacks and cliches with the kind of family they are, killing off the parents and leaving the young adult siblings to fend for themselves. But the killers make up for it, their never faltering enthusiasm to kill even after their own being killed, never breaking character just make you want to watch it more. 
Emma Bellomy as Dollface is the best one of them all. Even when she speaks it feels like a part of the mask. The mask by itself is scary and creepy enough with the surroundings but her voice adds to it. She is shown speaking and interacting with Bailee Madison as Kinsey, more like chasing. Their chemistry compliments the movie till the end, even when Kinsey kills her. 
The movie made me gasps, and it was the best part about the movie. But I did have a problem with the ending. I wasn't quite sure what they meant. Or wise worth a watch.
Verdict: Watch it for the fun of knowing a few killers.  
*** stars.

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The plot follows a family spending the evening at a deserted mobile home park, where they are stalked by three masked assailants.


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